Partnering With CIMS

The benefits of partnering with CIMS

“Molina Health Care of South Carolina has been partnering with CIMS since our plan inauguration in January 2014. Through many programmatic changes within our health plan and as new populations were and continue to be carved into managed care, CIMS has been our trusted ally in weathering and adapting to the ever-changing landscape. The patient centric care and genuine commitment to serve the underserved, as well as enhance the overall quality of health care for South Carolina has been progressively evident year over year. Molina Highly values our relationship with CIMS. We have direct access to clinical and administrative decision makers to enhance our operations as well as provide feedback and dialogue directly to patient care givers as well as non-clinical support staff. CIMS is a provider relationship I would recommend to any Payor or stakeholder who cares about quality, affordability and the goal of whole person care delivered with compassion and support.”

Dora Wilson

President and Chief Executive Officer
Molina Health Care of South Carolina


“As a partner and participating Network Provider in CIMS, we have significantly enhanced the capacity to maximize our organization’s performance in key strategic priority areas. CIMS provides a strong framework for achieving improvements in processes, patient outcomes and cost containment. Through the use of innovation, best practices and collaboration in this dynamic learning community, our organization is better equipped to positively impact health equity for the benefit of the patients and communities we serve.”

Regina M. Mitchell, MHA, FACHE

President and Chief Executive Officer
New Horizon Family Health Services, Inc.

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