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Our Business Partners allow our network of Healthcare providers, insurers, and centers to run efficiently with professional reporting and data collection.

Clinical Intelligence – Trusted Partner. Clinical Intelligence (CI) was founded in 2001 by healthcare executives and clinicians with first-hand expertise and an in-depth understanding of care management, and clinical, financial and operational improvement. After years of onsite consulting, CI leaders recognized that its healthcare partners did not have a meaningful way to use the tremendous amounts of raw data they were collecting. CI developed ClinView® as the solution.  ClinView® is an interactive, insight-driven analytics platform that streamlines data from all sources into one comprehensive view – one single source of truth. ClinView® augments and amplifies the results generated through CI’s consulting services, and provides sustainable, insight-driven solutions for the long term.

Community Integrated Management Services, LLC (CIMS), headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina is an independent practice association that is owned by fourteen South Carolina Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) representing one hundred plus healthcare center locations across the state.  CIMS provides board leadership, fiscal management, and a myriad of other support services including provider credentialing and negotiating shared savings agreements with the state’s managed health plans and supporting the Centers with formulating care coordination and clinical performance agendas and workplans to drive member access to high quality preventative health care and integrated health care services throughout the network.  Serving patients throughout their life cycle, the patient-centered organizations focus on providing comprehensive medical, dental, and mental healthcare services to a predominantly low-income, minority-patient population – striving to become financially self-sufficient as they improve quality outcomes and control costs.  

Overcoming Data Challenges. Five years ago, CIMS recognized escalating challenges with data distribution and performance improvement reporting across its network.  Data originating from multiple health plans and disparate EMR systems were fragmented and not aggregated in a way to easily measure, forecast and report the organization’s collective performance.  Peter Leventis, CIMS’ CEO, keenly understood that improving clinical, operational, and financial processes and outcomes would require normalized data accessible from a cloud- based analytics platform.

Peter consulted CI to help develop a customized solution to this complex issue. CI began its fact- finding mission and met with leaders and representatives across the CIMS enterprise, including Center CEOs, CIMS Committee Leaders, Administrators of the various managed health care plans and EMR data provisioners from each Center. CI consultants leveraged ClinView® to customize an analytics platform for CIMS; associating and integrating disparate clinical and plan data, aligning metrics to goals, and translating knowledge into action to drive clinical performance. Over the past several years, the “Dashboard” has been refined and remodeled to continuously improve and evolve to meet the needs of the CIMS enterprise.  The past two years CIMS has focused on MLR and HEDIS measures. CI has supported this strategy by leading performance improvement teams and helping to coordinate a storyboard contest to showcase the effort with everyone.

Care Coordination and Performance Improvement Solution. The data provisioning and architecture process took approximately nine months to one year to complete, requiring numerous data provisioners and scores of dedicated hours to organize the data, design the complex data model, and test the application’s user interface. Today, CIMS data is more normalized and harmonized to help drive collaborative, interdisciplinary performance and leverage evidence-based decision support across the entire continuum of care, including ED, clinic and inpatient encounters.  Today, many of the CIMS Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) are improving upon their HEDIS Ambulatory Care Quality Measures.  Teams are working proactively and demonstrating story boards to showcase their quality of care goals and achievements at the CIMS Annual Conferences.  ClinView® offers CIMS and the Community Health Center leaders enabling technology and insight on clinical performance while allowing leaders to address potential quality gaps in patient care. ClinView® also empowers FQHCs to generate the data necessary to prove the benefits and savings to insurance partners as well as a unified view to measure and identify opportunities including performance incentives and shared savings plans.

“Clinical Intelligence understands that harnessing discrete data into digestible reports is the key to population health management, which is the new frontier for healthcare. We are using this data to change habits and reduce the cost of healthcare, while improving outcomes.” – Peter A. Leventis, CEO, CIMS

“Year over year, CIMS continues to be successful in improving its ability to manage care as well as aggregate and collect disparate data to demonstrate the benefits and savings of the services its networks provide, which is critical in today’s value-based environment. Gathering its partners and leaders from across the state to celebrate its outstanding service and support of its expansive healthcare network, CIMS is by far one of CI’s most valued client-partners!”
Laurie A. Jaccard, President Clinical Intelligence, LLC (CI)

HillSouth IT Technologies

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HillSouth’s mission is to deliver strategic technology consultations by implementing our collective expertise and experience; to develop and apply an efficient methodology that empowers our clients to achieve their business goals.

Maynard Nexsen

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At Maynard Nexsen, we are focused on our clients, our people, and our communities. Our approach to service encompasses a spirit of collaboration and innovation that only happens when relationships are built on mutual understanding and shared expectations.

We work with our clients to understand them at a granular level, advocating on their behalf and fostering meaningful partnerships. We integrate seamlessly across our practice areas to provide the right solution to their problems efficiently and effectively, supporting their overall initiatives. With attorneys coast-to-coast, we generate consistent legal experiences and positive outcomes that advance stated business goals, regardless of location. With our expansive geographic base from California to the Carolinas, we successfully manage the needs of our clients while delivering unique value.

NP Strategies

NP Strategy, Business Partner for CIMS-SC

NP Strategy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nexsen Pruet, delivering a wide range of communications services to regional and national clients.  Working in a number of industries, NP Strategy team members have unique experience in the health care sector. Employees, doctors and patients are each an unique audience that must be thoughtfully engaged, and the NPS+ team creates messaging that speaks to each.

Press Mark

Press Mark, CIMS-SC Business Partner for photography and video services

Pressmark LLC creates lasting memories with passion and enthusiasm.  As a full-service studio, our customized photography and videography offer an unlimited capacity for creativity during personal, event, and commercial sessions…because Your Image Is Everything!

Greene Street Designs

Greene Street Designs, CIMS-SC Business Partner for website design

Greene Street Designs strives to build positive relationships with our clients in order to properly reflect their brand with an online presence via website design, social media, graphic design, SEO, digital marketing and other web services .